Digital Skills that should be Important for Marketers to Learn in 2019 and Beyond.

As digital marketing becomes more and more comprehensive with the advent of new technology, it is necessary for individual marketers to master a number of useful skills that will enable them to make marketing decisions in a more effective manner. Media Fx, a company offering digital marketing services and SEO services lists the following skills that will increase in importance in 2017 and the coming years for effective online promotions.

Analytics : Analytics is and will be one of the most important cornerstones of marketing in the coming months as the digital marketing industry tries to understand their target audience so that they can cater to their needs in the most effective manner. This is especially more so in these days as the preferences of the audience are going through a change and many times the companies are required to meet the requirements of a whole new audience. By collecting, studying and analyzing large amounts of data, inferences related to marketing can be acquired which can be used to make the marketing campaigns more fruitful. While it is not required for a marketing expert to be a professional data scientist, it is still necessary that they know the pros and cons of the analytics platforms that they use for their business. They should also gather more information about the analytics platforms that are used by their clients. For instance, an SEO services company that mainly works within the ecommerce sector can gather valuable input about the way their services have impacted the business KPIs of the clients, apart from the SEO rankings that they have generated.

HTML/CSS : Writing sales pages and blog posts form a major part of many marketing campaigns. Therefore it is necessary to learn about HTML as it is certainly going to expedite the whole process of putting that content on the targeted website and make it look good. Moreover, being able to make use of HTML/CSS makes it all the more easier for the teams within the marketing firm to communicate with each other. In fact, even most marketers feel that although many of them do not have to write code on a regular basis, understanding all the basics of HTML makes it so much easier to carry out the conversations across teams.

SEO : Although there are a number of experts who believe that SEO is more or less dead, this could not be more wrong for the marketers. Statistics reveal that organic search results tend to be more powerful in bringing the desired results than the paid adverts. This is particularly so if the websites are able to secure their rankings in the first pages of the search engines. It is also estimated that about 40% of the customers find the brands and companies that they are looking for through effective search. That being said, the bet SEO practices are constantly going through a change and so are the search algorithms. In fact, the search algorithms have gone through a lot of evolution in the recent times. This makes it necessary that SEO firms keep on constantly updating and refining their methods. Due to this reason, business companies prefer to work with a dedicated SEO professional or a team who can provide them with such services instead of having a group of general marketing professionals capable of delivering some SEO expertise. Nevertheless, it is always good for a digital marketer to learn all the basic tenets of SEO and use them effectively in their own promotional campaigns.

Content Management Systems like WordPress : For most standard business firms looking to create a strong impact in the online world, it is necessary to post blogs and publish content on a regular basis. Due to this reason, it is necessary as a marketing expert to learn their way around content management systems such as WordPress. WordPress is among the most extensively used content management systems in the world and it has been evaluated that almost 27% of the whole Internet or about 16 million sites are based on this platform. The platform also offers excellent SEO features which is why digital marketers love to work with WordPress. Therefore, it always helps to choose WordPress for developing content and publishing it online. The best part of using a CMS program is that once a marketer learns how to use a CMS, it is not that difficult to work with another similar program.

Video : Most online video marketing experts agree to the fact that live video is going to be the future of digital marketing field. This is particularly valid for live video, which is becoming all the more prevalent. New technologies and features are being introduced everyday that would make the whole experience of live video a great one for the end users. While this trend was observed in 2016 with almost all major social networking sites, this is going to take precedence for the marketing experts in 2017 and the coming years with greater intensity. Brands are now using creative video content to communicate more effectively and easily with their target customers. Marketing directors from a number of reputed service providing firms believe that not only it is important to know about the various ways in which video can be used for marketing but it is also necessary to master the techniques associated with scripting, shooting as well as editing videos for various social media sites like FaceBook, Snapchat and Twitter. While it is rather simple to learn about these techniques and can be done so even on simple smartphones, this knowledge can surely help to grasp the advanced aspects of creating videos for effective marketing purposes.

The marketing experts also consider that live streaming videos can be beneficial to marketing campaigns in more ways than one. Due to this reason, it is necessary to plan and create the content for the videos in a careful manner so that it has maximum effect on the minds of the target audience. Audiences are likely to spend more and more time with the live video. They are more willing to come and show up, take part in and join the conversations held on social media sites with greater frequency than with standard blog content or video on demand (VOD).

However, the truth with video marketing is that the technology used for this purpose still needs to be improved a lot in order to make live videos more exciting and interesting. The content of the live videos should be compelling and polished. In the last year, numerous brands actually tried to make a strong impression on the minds of their target audiences by using the video marketing techniques. However, most of these audiences on FaceBook were not actually camera ready. This often led to disastrous results and the marketing campaigns were hardly able to produce the effects that they were originally meant to. The marketers and publishing experts must be sure that they are ready to come up with high quality live video feed for their audiences in 2017. This should include everything from on-screen talents to cutting edge equipments. As creating video content becomes the mainstream practice in the world of content marketing, companies that are capable to produce only the best quality live videos will be able to stand out.

UX/Basic Design Skills : Even though most companies offering digital marketing services generally have their very own design teams, it is still important for marketers to know the basic design principles. By knowing the basic design skills, it is possible for a marketer to create mockups for a landing page, Photoshop a shareable image or even create a theme for a particular site. Mastering these design skills can greatly enhance the value of an individual marketing expert.

While experienced marketing experts believe that it is not necessary for average marketers to learn in great detail about how to use programs such as Axure, Visio or UXPin, they should still be able to come up with a sketch for a digital customer experience meant for standard websites. Whether it is done by using whiteboard and marker, a paper and a pen or a software, it can only help the marketers to further their influence as well as understanding for their clients and organization.

SQL : Digital marketing firms like Media Fx strongly recommend marketers to master the various aspects of SQL. Knowledge of SQL is related to making use of data for understanding the customers. It is also a powerful tool in its own right which can be used by marketers to impress their audiences. By knowing the skills for writing basic SQL and understanding the customer database, a professional marketer can greatly improve the results of his or her marketing campaigns. This ability naturally allows marketers the freedom to find out how their customers respond to the marketing campaigns, which in turn can help them to improve the quality of the product. As most basic SQL queries are quite easy to learn, a marketer who invests some time in it can help others to make quick decisions and also generate key insights that can lead to the development of marketing programs of greater efficiency.

While these skills can go a long way in improving the individual abilities of a marketer, it is suffice to say that marketers are not required to be aware of all the skills that are remotely linked to this trade. While they can certainly use a number of methods like SEO, social media, SEM, conversion optimization, front-end development, analytics and others, it can really help a lot by focusing on a single skill and then developing it considerably to a great extent.